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Notre société
Our history

Large companies are not born into greatness, they grow!

2009 - 2015:

Sundays Data System first became known as the exclusive partner of the Solar-Log and Solar-Fox brands for the French market.

Drawing on our experience, we have extended our sector to intervene in the Belgian and African markets.


Our activities have enabled us to get closer to the Teltonika company, which provides us with our router solutions.

Our routers offer naturally led us to offer M2M communication solutions. By launching m2m com´ we are able to provide you with SIM offers dedicated to the Internet of Things.


Present in more than 10 countries, with more than 900 active customers in the energy market, we have approached Rainwise to allow our partners to complete their systems with Rainwise pyranometers.

2020: Emazys joined our family!

The Emazys arrival in our range allows us to move towards O & M activities that constitute our new area of development

2020: Seaward trusts us

The famous English manufacturer of PV testers places their trust in us and allows us to integrate their gem of I / V tracers into our offer.  

To be continued !

Our vision

Control our environment to better protect it!

Our technologies

Find the best and get the best out of it!

Supporting you in projects as varied as photovoltaic monitoring, advertising and communication, and environmental monitoring is our core business.

Focused on energy management, we are also ready to support you in all your communication projects.

We don't limit ourselves to what we know ....

If Harrods could find an elephant for a future president .... We will find your solution!

In each of the sectors of activity where we operate, we have always decided to work in partnership with the best available solutions.

What if they didn't exist ... We created them!

In addition to being the commercial relay for our partners, we have always endeavored to serve as a technical relay.

Our experience as a technical partner has given us an experience that we use every day for our developments.

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