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Discover our Solar-Log monitoring range!

12 years of experience in monitoring and controlling photovoltaic energy!

Solar-Log ™ in a few figures .... 304,000 installations monitored in more than 134 countries around the world, 14GW monitored, 100 compatible brands , multitudes of possibilities.

From production monitoring , to the monitoring of inverters , including self-consumption or storage systems , Solar-Log can support you in each of your projects!

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Sundays Data System partner Solar-Log

since 2009 !

Since 2009 , we are the partner of Solar-Log ™ for France , Belgium and Africa . Trust our experience!

We have been able to provide assistance, advice and solutions to more than 900 clients in 11 different countries .

As Solar-Log ™ Country Partner for our territories we are your privileged interlocutor.

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Why choose Solar-Log?


Complete range for all installation powers.

Independent manufacturer

Multi-brand compatible



UPS monitoring

Production monitoring

Consumption analysis

Smart Energy

0% export

Universal platform


User management

Automatic reports

Remote configuration


2 families, 4 products, a complete range!

Solar-Log is a complete family of devices , with each device corresponding to an installation size . Solar-Log thus offers you a technically and economically adapted response in each market segment !

With more than 310,000 equipped installations, you too can trust the market leader!

The new generation gateways! :

Pour le résidentiel

Transfert de données au Solar-Log WEB Enerest™


Gateway pour installation rapide

Marketing direct
Fonction VPN

The Solar-Log 50 platform includes:

- Maximum system size 15 kWp

- Limited to 5 components

- Opening license for 10 components and / or 30 kWp

- 2 x RS485 or 1 x RS422 + 1 x Ethernet

- Small and compact DIN rail mounting

- UPS monitoring, consumption and storage

Thanks to a licensing system you can increase the connected power or the number of components that you can connect.

Production reduction to x% and software licenses

The basic Gateway variant includes the injection limitation to x% and can be extended by purchasing software licenses. The prerequisite for this is the presence of a connection between the Solar-Log 50 and the internet.


Maximum installation size is 15kwp (30 with license). 5 components can be connected (10 with license).


Accessories can be connected via RS485, RS422 or Ethernet. A USB port is used to update the Solar-Log or export backups.

connexion gateway 50 solar-log

Solar-Log Base:

Fonction d’analyse de bus intégrée

Licences disponibles

Facile à installer sur rail DIN


Marketing direct
Fonction VPN

The new generation of Solar-Log combines intelligent functionality with great flexibility in the management, regulation and monitoring of photovoltaic installations.

3 Solar-Log Base models are available:

Solar-Log Base 15 - 15 kwp

Solar-Log Base 100 - 100 kwp

Solar-Log Base - 2mwp

Licenses are available to upgrade Base 15 to 30kwp and Base 100 to 250kwp.


Each model has 2 RS485 or 1 RS422 ports, 2 ethernet ports, 2 USB ports and 1 S0 in port.

Each ethernet port can be managed independently, which makes it possible, for example, to create a dedicated network for ethernet inverters and an internet network.

Solar-Log Base connexion monitoring photovoltaique

Solar-Log Base: Modular approach


Two new optional modules complete the Solar-Log Base range:

These additional modules are connected to the Solar-Log Base and allow the functionality offered by the base modules to be increased.

MOD-RS485: Used to increase the number of ports of the Solar-Log Base. If several RS422 or Rs485 ports are necessary, it suffices to add a MOD-RS485 and you thus double the communication options.

MOD-I / O: This module allows you to add inputs in the form of dry contact. They are currently only used during production control via radio box (Germany type).


Counters, TIs and rogowski loops

We offer a complete range of single-phase or three-phase meters, as well as our wide range of IT and Rogowski loops.

These products are designed to monitor consumption and enable production regulation.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more about our products.



sensor pro.png

Probes are valuable tools for measuring deviations between theoretical and actual production, providing important information on the quality of the installation.

In the event of a variation between the reference value and actual production, an error message is automatically generated to alert users.

Load management

From load management to consumption monitoring through weather stations, we have a complete range of accessories allowing you to optimize your installation.

Meters, IT, probes, actuators, 3 / 4G modems do not hesitate to consult us, we certainly have the answer to your problem,


Monitoring: Easy monitoring of more than 100 brands!


Unparalleled simplicity: with our all-in-one solutions, we are always one step ahead of the competition.


Thanks to advanced technology for monitoring and management of energy and injection Solar-Log ™ offers the most efficient solutions worldwide with its energy management systems.


Compatibility with the most common brands of inverters guarantees an easy handling.

X%: Export limitation - Power management

More and more markets impose export restrictions:

- 70% power limitation in Germany

- 0% in many countries in Africa or Europe

- X% (variable) in the United Kingdom

Solar-Log can control photovoltaic production and therefore respect the requested limitations.

Produce what you consume ... without injection!

Smart Energy: Load control

All Solar-Log ™ (except Solar-Log 250) provide the possibility of managing consumers and thus optimizing self-consumption.


From intelligent network outlets, called Smart-Plugs, the integrated relay of the Solar-Log 1200 and 2000, the Smart Relais stations can be used to control up to 10 consumers:

Management by profile makes configuration simple and efficient.

Solar-Log ™ load measurement in pre-studies - Solar-Log ™ Heat pump: Contact us

Solar-Log ™ batteries: Monitoring of battery banks

Solar-Log ™ is used to monitor the charges and discharges of installations equipped with a battery bank.

Compatible with many manufacturers like Varta, Kyocera, Fronuis or Sonnen.

Solar-Log ™ thanks to the installation of bi-directional meters, Solar-Log can also monitor the performance of your installations without direct communication with the regulator or charger.

Solar-Log suivi batterie

Components compatible with Solar-Log

You can check the compatibility of your components (inverters, meters, batteries, probes, etc.) by clicking on the button below.

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