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Sensor Box Professional and Professional Plus.

Irradiation probe.

The probes precisely capture the variations between theoretical and actual production and give us important information on the quality of the entire installation. If there is a variation between the reference value and the actual production, an error message is generated.

The temperature sensor of integrated modules  takes into account the temperature coefficient when transmitting references. On larger installations up to 9 Sensor Box Professional and Professional Plus can be connected to a Solar-Log Base 15, 100, 2000, Solar-Log 50, 300, 1200, 1900 and 2000.

The probes can be operated together with other accessories in a bus. The Sensor Box Professional Plus can be supplemented with an ambient temperature sensor and an anemometer.


Accessories Sensor Box Professional Plus.


Ambient temperature and anemometers.

The optional ambient temperature sensor (PT1000) gives further information on the electricity production. For example, in sunny but cold weather, frost can be the cause of a drop in production. This problem can easily be detected thanks to the probe. With the help of the anemometer, wind speeds are monitored and during breakdowns or drops in production, storm-related damage can be better identified.

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