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Flexible solutions for 3 / 4G communication of photovoltaic installations

There can be no effective monitoring without stable communication!

PV plants are not always close to internet access and GSM communication is currently the preferred choice of our customers. Loan of 50% of the facilities we have equipped are equipped with a 3 or 4G modem.

As we know that it is important for information to arrive for it to be processed, we have selected a wide range of 3 and 4G router solutions.

sunays data distributeur routeur teltonika RUT

Founded in April 1998, Teltonika quickly established itself as one of the best manufacturers of geolocation systems and means of communication.

Due to our activity Sundays Data System has naturally approached Teltonika for communication solutions (3G and LTE routers)

Teltonika is perfectly compatible with Solar-Log solutions. In addition to the 3G variants and in the event of a weak network, we recommend LTE modems.

Robust, controllable by SMS, capable of controlling (On / Off switch) the Solar-Log.

Single LAN / 4G network

If only one device needs to be connected to the internet, the Gateway TRB 140 is the ideal tool!

Capture trb140.PNG

The TRB 140 is a USB configurable 4G modem. It detects the network and configures itself automatically!

Simple to set up, it offers an impressive price / robustness / quality ratio! This is the model we recommend for simple installations.

LTE routers

Routers offer more option and flexibility than the gateway.

They allow more complex networks to be set up and offer many possibilities such as wifi, RS485 communication or contact control.

Capture RUT241.PNG

Thanks to wifi and its two Ethernet ports, the RUT240 can connect several devices such as a Solar-Log and a Solarfox screen to the 4G network.

RUTX11 : Réseau complexe LAN/4G

Capture RUTX11.PNG

Thanks to its 4 RJ45 ports, the RUT 950 allows you to create a much larger constellation. It finds its place in installations with Ethernet inverters requiring a star connection.

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