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Whatever your need, we can support you!

We have developed a 3G communication offer because monitoring implies being able to rely on reliable and robust data transmission.

Our roaming approach allows us to provide you with multi-operator Sim cards! The card scans the various networks before each data transmission and systematically goes to the strongest network (Trio offers).

This solution is your guarantee that whatever the location of your installation, communication will be reliable.

The cards can be installed in more than 40 countries.

M2m specialist: Several hundred monitored SIM cards

Our SIM cards have specific features to meet M2M needs:

  • Resistance to extreme temperature and vibration conditions

  • A high level of writing

  • A sufficiently long service life

  • Cost optimization


M2M Com´ offers you single and multi-operator SIM cards.


Our M2M Com´ SIM cards are non-binding, can be canceled at any time, without notice or penalty.

Associated services

Sundays Data System proposes to deliver products directly configured to operate directly in your environment.

We can:

  • Insert the SIM card into the router

  • Update firmware

  • Configure the router

Management platform

Sundays Data System can provide you with a monitoring platform for installations equipped with teltonika routers.

You will thus be able to have an ow on the consumption of the cards, control the routers or update them.

Our offers: you will find our m2m offers below

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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During their installation, the TRIO cards will launch a scan in order to find the network (s) present (s) where they are located. Once the scan is done, the card will retain the best network according to two criteria: the quality as well as the power of the network at a given moment

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