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13 years of experience in measuring and controlling photovoltaic installations!

Since 1982 Seaward has been manufacturing electrical safety test equipment and distributing it throughout the world.

Since 2007, the solar branch has been developing and producing the PV150, 200 and PRO products, which are measuring devices and IV curve plotters specially designed to meet the expectations of solar power plant operators.

Sundays Data System partner Seaward !

Thanks to our recognized expertise and acquired through our supervision activity, we have been able to integrate Seaward products into our range.

Seaward have placed their trust in us and we are proud to count them among our partners!

PV current clamp - AC / DC inverter tests

The Solar Power Clamp can be used when installing a PV system to ensure that the inverter is working properly and to measure its efficiency rate.

> DC and AC power is measured directly from each side of the inverter in seconds using the Seaward Solar Power Clamp.

> The power clamp simply clips onto the cable to measure current and the in-line connectors provided can be used to measure DC voltage while the PV modules are connected to the inverter, giving an exact accurate RMS reading of the power and efficiency of the inverter.

> In addition to power and efficiency measurements, the Solar Power Clamp's harmonic analysis function can be used as a means of fault detection in the inverter.

MC4 T-Cable Set for Seaward Clamp

The cables connect to the clamp and pick up DC volts while the clamp simultaneously reads DC amps.

Thanks to the reading of currents, voltage and DC power allowed by this tool and thanks to the same reading on the AC side, the efficiency of the inverter can be checked.

led cable.png

Complete kit PV150 - Measurements PV 1.000V 15A

pv150 seawrd kit complet sundays data testeur PV

The Seaward PV150 Solar Installation Tester verifies the electrical safety and performance of photovoltaic installations in a safe and easy-to-use device.

> Save time using different measurement tools in the field with this fast and comprehensive solar PV tester.

> The PV150 has a secure test connection, which means you can safely test powered arrays.

> The unit can also wirelessly capture and record real-time irradiance, ambient temperature and PV module temperature measurements from the Solar Survey 200R.

> 200 data points can be stored on the PV150 and uploaded to the SolarCert software so you can create professional reports for your customers.

Complete kit PV200 - I / V measurements and curves 1000V 15A

The PV200 is a compact and convenient IV curve plotter. It is an efficient and versatile tester for 1000V PV systems.


> 999 data records can be stored on the instrument?

> The tester measures the continuity of the earth (earth), the open circuit voltage, the short-circuit current, the maximum voltage of the supply point, the current and the power (with AC / DC clamp). The instrument will also tell you the efficiency factor of the PV module or system under test.

> The display screen thanks to its high contrast is clearly visible in direct sunlight.


> The device can record irradiance, ambient temperature and PV module temperature from the Solar Survey 200R (supplied). Wireless technology makes taking measurements easy.

> Using the Solar Survey 200R, your data can be converted to standard test conditions. Thanks to SolarCert you will be able to compare the data collected with the data published by the manufacturer.

Kit contents

> Seaward PV200 and the necessary wiring
> An AC / DC current clamp.
> Solar Survey 200R irradiance sensor
and its temperature probe.
> The Solar Survey 200R mounting bracket
> Robust transport bag.
> Quick start guide.
> UKAS calibration certificate (PV200).
> 2 year warranty.
> SolarCert PC software.

Complete Solar PRO kit - 1500V I / V measurements 

Seaward's Solar Utility Pro is a compact and convenient string analyzer. It allows measurements to be made on 1500 V PV systems .

> The current capacity of 40 A allows the Solar Utility Pro to test cable chains in parallel with a maximum voltage of 1500 V and 40 A.

> A single press of the Test button will give values ​​for open circuit voltage and short circuit current, and when paired with the Seaward Solar Survey 200R irradiance meter, will also record irradiance measurements and ambient temperatures and modules.


> The internal storage memory allows the recording of up to 999 measurements, which can be downloaded as a CSV file on a PC.

> For ease of field testing, the Solar Utility Pro is supplied with 1.5M long MC4 cables and connectors. The use of crocodile pumice is possible.


> The sturdy housing of the Solar Utility Pro allows intensive use in virtually all circumstances. It is a portable tester, robust, easy to handle.

Solar Utility Pro Seaward traceur I-V testeur photovoltaique

Kit contents

> Solar Utility Pro.
> Set of red and black MC4 wires 1.2 M with aligator clip.
> Lot of 2M red and black MC4.
> SS200R irradiance sensor.
> PV transport bag.
> 3 x lithium-ion protected batteries.
> Battery charger.

Solarcert software for PV200

The Solarcert software allows you to download the data of the PV PV200 solar tester.

> Allows you to generate easy-to-read and professional reports.

> Converts measured data from PV200 to STC (Standard Test Conditions) for comparison with manufacturer data.

> Displays and compares IV and power curves.

Looking for the SolarCert manual? Take a look at our preview and follow the video below.

Detail :

00:30 - Start of a new report
01:10 - Import of .CSV file
02:00 - Solar module selection
03:35 - Organization of your data
05:10 - Make a report
07:21 - The new SolarCert report
08:00 - Summary

Click on the gear to activate the

subtitles and machine translation into French.

App for PV200

The free PVMobile application allows you to view IV and power curves in full color and in high definition on your laptop.


> The PV200's NFC technology allows a stable and simple connection.

> The app also allows you to generate PDF reports

> Reports can be sent directly from the App.

> Android compatible

App seaward photovotlaique Sundays Data

Report generator for Solar PRO

The generator allows data from the Solar Utility Pro tester to be downloaded to a PC for easy data processing.

> Allows you to generate easy-to-read and professional reports in Excel.

> Converts measured data from the tester to STC (Standard Test Conditions) for comparison with manufacturer data.

> Free and freely downloadable.

Rapport utility pro seaward sundays data
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