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Communication solutions for solar installations.

Solutions for WiFi and network communication of your installations

More and more inverters use Ethernet technology for communication with the supervision system and it is for this reason that we have integrated a simple but complete range of LAN switches and WiFi solutions.

You can then connect your inverters or send data from one building to another.

Capture RUTX11.PNG

Internal WiFi solution in the building

In many cases the use of wireless networks is easier to set up.

We have selected a set of WiFi repeaters to create a wireless network and easily connect your inverters and / or your monitoring system to the internet.

LAN solutions for wired networks

We offer a full range of switches to easily create and manage a wired network.

From residential solutions to industrial switches, we have the answer to all problems.

Capture solution wifi.PNG

Wifi bridge

Capture pont wifi.PNG

Complex installations (commercial or industrial) sometimes require a connection between several buildings.

We offer a wifi bridge allowing a wireless connection up to a distance of 500m.

You can connect your meters (depending on models) or your monitoring system to a remote building with internet.

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