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Solar-Log™ Web solutions: Enerest™ 4.0

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Fleet management

Enerest ™ is the professional solution offered by Solar-Log ™.

Completely customizable, you not only manage users and their access rights, but also have access to your fleet's maintenance log, technical graphics, reports and can offer your customers the Dashboard view.

The Enerest ™ platform is not only an ideal tool for monitoring your fleet but also a marketing tool allowing you to communicate about your activity.

The new portal (Availability expected in Q2 2020) is presented with an attractive new design and numerous functions to optimize and speed up treatments and diagnostics. In conjunction with the new Solar-Log Base hardware, Solar-Log WEB Enerest ™ 4.0 opens up new avenues in PV energy management.


For plant operators, in the future this means rapid problem solving through simple procedures and a clear reduction in costs and time.

Solar-Log WEB Enerest ™ 4.0 provides real-time intelligent compilation of plant information important for fault analysis.

This information can also be configured on the following tools: configuration of the accessories, operation of the installation, day data, current Solar-Log display and a Heat Map of the accessories communication.

This allows faster and easier error resolution and guarantees smooth operation of the installation.

A user with individual rights can be assigned to each installation in the administration of users and installations.

Installations can be grouped into a fleet of installations and assigned to a user group. These settings and assignments of rights are possible in all segments; we are talking here about users, user groups, plants, plant fleets and rights.

The Enerest ™ solution is divided into three packages each offering different options .

Thus, the M module is the free version intended for installations below 30kwp, while the L and XL modules offer access to the dashboard or to remote configuration.

Find all the details in our web brochure:

Present the individual production data of the photovoltaic installations. With the Dashboard, the productions, the avoided CO² and the performance of the PV installation are clearly represented.

The Dashboard can be configured using different individual modules: Current production, production evolution including self-consumption, yield, weather data, installation information and environmental contribution. The production data of several installations can be cumulated on the Dashboard with the module overview of values.

If you want personal content, you can add it as needed in the text and image module. You can choose to display up to 4 images in full screen mode or in slide show. The Solar-Log ™ Dashboard is only possible with Solar-Log WEB Enerest ™ L & XL.

Example of Solar-Log ™ Dashboard

Enerest ToGo

Notre application, qui peut être téléchargée gratuitement pour les appareils Apple et Android, offre des fonctions pour vous en tant que professionnel et surveillant. Mais l'application est également utilisable par vos clients. Elle vous permet de gagner du temps lors de l'intervention sur le chantier, mais aussi lors du suivi des erreurs pour vos installations PV. L'application vous informe lorsque Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ 4 a détecté de nouvelles erreurs. En cours de route, vous décidez si les erreurs doivent être transformées en tâche ou archivées.

Téléchargez notre App gratuite

Our services: Hosting

▲ Hosting your installation on our portal if you do not want to manage your own Web Commercial Edtion

▲ Installation configuration

▲ Personal space with:

- Production data *

- Dashboard

- Diagnostic module

- Performance ratio *

- Alert and event book

- Remote configuration module

▲ Alert mail

▲ Daily information mail

Our services: Monitoring and advice

▲ Hosting on our portal if you don't want to manage your own Web Commercial Edition

▲ Installation configuration


▲ Personal space with:

- Production data *

- Performance ratio *

- Alert and event book

- Possibility of park management with cumulative view of several sites


▲ Monitoring provided by a dedicated technician


▲ Alert mail


▲ Daily information mail


▲ Monthly operating report


▲ Monthly intervention report

* Data varies depending on the brand and type of inverter / Sensorbox required

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