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Sundays Data System has been a Solarfox partner since 2010! We have installed over 400 screens and can help you build your project and customize your presentation.

Solarfox® displays present the performance data of photovoltaic systems in a unique and fully customizable way.

The performance of your projects and their environmental impact are displayed in a dynamic and illustrated way allowing readers to easily understand your involvement.

Solarfox® displays can be installed at the entrance to a building, above a reception desk, in a waiting room, above a checkout line, etc.

The communication possibilities are endless!

indoor or outdoor, our screens can meet all your constraints ... 1 installation on 1 screen. 1 screen for several installations, several screens for 1 installation, ask us!

Create your own communication .. stand out!

Solarfox® products
Solarfox® 100

With this entry-level series, we are expanding our existing range of solutions.

The Solarfox® 100 range offers a very efficient price-performance ratio.


This series allows you to communicate easily and in a personalized way.

  • 5 slide designs

  • Maximum of 10 slides

  • logo insert

  • 3 data sources maximum

  • Maximum operating time: 10 h / 7

Solarfox® 300

The SF-300 series is based on a more robust range of displays and offers more options.


The screens can operate up to 24 hours a day and can be turned on and off via a scheduled hourly / weekly schedule.


The displays also support animation and video files in MP4 format.

  • 20 slide designs

  • Maximum of 70 slides

  • Logo

  • Foxdesigner

  • Video information box

  • Maximum operating time: 18 h / 7

Solarfox® 600 

This series offers you robust protection for outdoor use


A sturdy, powder-coated metal housing, along with a non-reflective filter and vandal-proof glass protects the LED monitor.


Thanks to this the screen is protected against humidity and extreme conditions.

  • 20 slide designs

  • Maximum of 70 slides

  • Logo

  • Foxdesigner

  • Video information box

  • Maximum operating time: 24/7

Remote configuration of your screens


Edit your content anytime

All the content can be adapted to your needs. In addition, your own content, messages, images and videos can be added. There are also a large number of models available.


The screen is easily configurable through a dedicated website which allows you to control all your screens remotely.

solarfox designer.PNG
Solarfox® Foxdesigner: Communicate easily ... Anywhere ... Anywhere ...
With or without photovoltaic installation!
The new Foxdesigner module offers a variety of functions and allows a lot of flexibility
With a few mouse clicks your own content such as text and images can be added. Animation and dynamic content can also be easily configured.
Communicate everywhere ... on everything ...
A PV installation is not necessary ... Open up new markets!
Supermarkets ... Restaurants .... Canteens ... Schools ...
Solarfox® WebPublic - Easily embed your Solarfox® presentation on your website:
With the help of Solarfox® WebPublic packages, it is possible to embed a Solarfox slideshow into a company's website. In this way, all the content of the slideshow can be displayed on the Internet and made available to you.
the screen size can be adjusted and adapted individually. When called up on the web page, the slide show opens in the desired sequence and begins to run. The diaproma-WebPublic can be easily integrated into an existing website. To do this, no special adjustment of knowledge or programming software is necessary.
Example of code you can embed in your website:
<iframe width = "800" height = "474" src = "" frameborder = "0"> </iframe>
Modify your templates at will!
Solarfox® allows you to customize the template of your presentation and adjust it to your visual identity.
Our teams can help you design your templates.
Is your project for a group of national or international scope?
Ask us if a template already exists.
Solarfox® accessories
Solarfox slideshow configuration tutorial:
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