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11 years of experience in monitoring and controlling photovoltaic energy!

Sundays Data has been Solar-Log's commercial and technical partner since 2009 in France, Belgium and North Africa.

We have acquired substantial experience in the installation and use of Solar-Log solutions.

Based on this experience, we have become integrators and have developed a complete range of Plug & Play solutions for Solar-Log systems.

Sundays Data System integrator Solar-Log !

The SmartPVbox and SmartPVsat solutions are fully equipped and ready-to-install IP66 boxes.

Whether it is a simple installation with a Solar-Log, an installation with 4G connection or a complete self-consumption system with metering, we have the solution.

Our strong range of 5 boxes adapts to each configuration.

2 families, 5 products, a complete range!

gamme smart.jpg


The smartPVbox integrates the monitoring system, its power supply, the electrical protection elements in a single box and facilitates the installation of the whole.


This solution includes:

- The C2 protection circuit breaker

- Solar-Log DIN rail power supply

- The Solar-Log of your choice (will depend on your installation) with USB backup key

- A Solar-Log I / O or RS485 module if necessary

- All connectors and RJ45 ports

The SmartPV offer is structured around two main families:

SmartPVbox: IP66 boxes including a Solar-Log and allowing the monitoring of your photovoltaic plant.

SmartPVsat: A series of satellite boxes with SmartPVbox boxes and which extend the functionality of the basic boxes.

smartpvbox original.png

The smartPVbox is delivered pre-wired and ready to be installed.

The two RJ45 ports allow connection to router and inverters (ETH1) and inverters only (ETH2).


schéma smartpvbox.png

SmartPVbox 4G:

The smartPVbox4G solution offers the same functionalities as the classic smartPVbox but also allows a 4G LTE internet connection.

Thanks to the Teltonika TRB140 router, data is sent over the 4G network. Your photovoltaic installation is independent of the building's internet network.

The TRB 140 configures itself automatically and fills in the network connection information (APN) on its own.

The installation is therefore very simple. The router's web interface can still be reached via a USB port (cable supplied).


The smartPVbox 4G can also be supplied with one of our M2M SIM cards.

From 5mo to 2Go / month, in single or multi-operator our cards guarantee a perfect connection and a stable sending of data.

If needed we can also provide a full range of 4G antennas


schema smartpvbox 4g.png

SmartPVsat Ct: Counting solution


The smartPVsat Ct is a metering box comprising a Solar-Log PRO380CT meter and its electrical protection.

The CTs (Intensity transformers) are delivered with the box and thus allow you to easily measure the consumption of the building on which your photovoltaic installation is located.

Thanks to the consumption information, the Solar-Log system can activate consumers in order to optimize self-consumption or limit the export on the network if necessary.

We have in our catalog a complete range of TI from 100 to 2000A.

These CTs with a secondary current of 5A are all compatible with the PRO380CT meter.


schema smartpvsat ct.png

SmartPVsat Sr

smartpvsat sr orignial.PNG

The smartPVsat Sr is also equipped with a PRO380CT counter but incorporates a set of Rogowski probes.

Rogowski probes act like current transformers but are of a thinner diameter and offer the advantage of being flexible.

Rogowski probes are the ideal solution for installation on an existing switchboard when space is scarce.

We have a range of probes from 600 to 6000A!

This box is the ideal solution for high power metering!

The smartPVsat Sr includes a signal converter that converts the millivolts sent by the probes into Amps.

Fully wired and equipped, the smartPVsat Sr is Plug & Play!


schema smartpvsat sr.png

Why choose Solar-Log?

Que vous optiez pour un Solar-Log Gateway 50 ou un Solar-Log Base 2000, fusionné avec un compteur monophasé ou un compteur triphasé, nous avons la solution !
Vous pouvez y ajouter une multitude de produits présents dans notre catalogue.

Logo SmartPVsoft (1).png

Besoin de ports USB, RJ45, de presses étoupes ou même de borniers supplémentaires ? Nous avons ce qu'il vous faut !
Vous pouvez également nous demander d'y placer des routeurs 4G, des microprocesseurs en fonction de vos besoins, des sondes Rogowski... Une variété de choix s'offre à vous !

Vous souhaitez planifier une régulation ?

Nous avons la solution avec SmartPVsoft !

Pour accéder au site, il vous suffit de cliquer sur le bouton ci-dessous :

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Manuel rapide :

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