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Because we firmly believe that repairing is the most obvious solution!

Since 2009, we are specialised in surveillance and maintenance and our activities have brought us closer to Omvormer Services in Belgium.

Omvormer Service is the specialist in inverter repair! The synergy between the two companies is obvious.

From this collaboration is born Inverter Service, the French entity specialized in the repair of photovoltaic inverters.

Relying on the parent company and its laboratories, we are able to repair your inverters and offer you a wide range of reconditioned inverters.

A failure? A defect? Don’t throw it away ... Fix it!

Find all our services on our dedicated website:

réparation d'onduleurs photovoltaïques.png

+33 (0)3 89 52 78 00
10 Rue Victor Schoelcher
68200 Mulhouse - France



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