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Photovoltaic monitoring with

Simple and effective overview


Tailored for all markets


Production tracking and monitoring

- Fault detection and production monitoring

- Comparison between production data and estimated weather

- Visualization of data on all screens thanks to the portal and the Enerest App

Self consumption

- Consumer management to optimize self-consumption rate

- Production control (export limitation)

- On all types of single or three-phase installations

A wide and complete range

Solar-log Base 15 -100 and 2000

- Additional RS and IO modules for additional functions

Gateway Solarlog 50

The Solar-Log 50 platform includes:

- Maximum system size 15 kWp

- Limited to 5 components

- Opening license for 10 components and/or 30 kWp

- 2x RS485 or 1x RS422 + 1x Ethernet

- DIN rail mounting, small and compact

- UPS monitoring, consumption and storage

Through a licensing system, you can increase the connected power or the number of components you can connect.

Our advantages:

Monitoring according to Solar-Log™

- Compatible with over 100 inverter brands

- One of the market leaders since 2007

- More than 279,000 installations worldwide

The benefits of Solar-Log™ solutions

- Flexible and scalable solution. 

- Allows production monitoring, consumption control and export limitation.

The advantages of Sundays Data System solutions

- 900 customers in more than 11 countries

- Free technical support

- 10 years of experience

More information? Contact us:

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