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Gestion de l'énergie

Intelligently manage energy with Solar-log solutions

The development of self-consumption and the growing installation of storage systems make it necessary to set up an energy management system like Solar-log!


Solar-Log offers, in addition to monitoring functions, a simple and flexible configuration allowing the monitoring of the battery banks and the control of consumers allowing to increase the coverage rate of your solar installation.

Consumer control

Solar-Log ™ can manage many consumers such as pumps, heating elements, air conditioning or electric vehicle charging stations.


Thanks to Smart Energy logics, it is possible to individually adjust the triggering conditions of consumers.


Various devices are available for the physical engagement of consumers. Depending on their use, you can use a Smart Plug, the Smart Relais Box or the Smart Relais Station. With the Smart Relais Box, the Datalogger is supplemented by 8 potential-free relays. The Smart Relais Station can switch on up to 3 consumers and record their consumption via the internal meters.

Solar-Log Smart Relay Station

  • Has 1 or 3 relays to switch loads up to 16A / 230V.

  • Receives consumption information from each relay.

  • Is connected to Solar-Log ™ by Ethernet.

solar-log autoconsommation

Example of consumer control via relay and power threshold

Solar-Log Smart Relay Box

  • Has potential free contacts for heat pumps (SG Ready).

  • Is connected to Solar-Log ™ via RS485.

  • Suitable for the management of motors, pumps, ventilation or air conditioning systems in combination with a relay.

  • Need for an available RS 485 port.

Intelligent heating of sanitary or heating water

By the combination of a Solar-Log ™ and the EGO Smart Heater box, the

Surplus PV production can be used to heat potable water or heating water.


The action is activated in steps of 500 Watt between 0 and 3500 Watts depending on the surplus produced.


This combination is very economical especially in summer or in the off-season and increases the self-sufficiency rate. The minimum hot water tank temperature can be defined by configuring the device. Hot water can be supplied regardless of the excess PV available. The EGO Smart Heater is easily configurable via the Solar-Log ™ web interface.

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