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Photovoltaic self-consumption with

Simple and effective overview

Our advantages:

Self-consumption according to Solar-Log™

- Allows monitoring of production and consumption

- Inverter operation alerts (error and performance)

- Possible control of 9 consumers to optimize the self-consumption rate

The benefits of Solar-Log™ solutions

- 275,000 installations worldwide

- Compatible with over 100 inverter brands

- Major player in the sector since 2007

The advantages of Sundays Data System solutions

- 900 customers in more than 11 countries

- Free technical support

- 10 years of experience

Tailored for all markets

kit conso 380.png

Residential market

- Max power. 15kWp

- Single-phase installations

- Consumer control possible

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Industrial and commercial

- Max power. 2MWp

- Three-phase installations - 6000 Amps with TI

- Consumer control possible

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